Zonguldak, a port city since ancient times, is located in the Black Sea Region.
Founded on the Black Sea coast, the city has been home to many maritime trade since ancient times.  Ereğli and Çaycuma are among the important districts of the city, where both historical and natural beauties coexist.
Due to its geographical structure, it has a very rugged and mountainous terrain and is home to many forests due to the Black Sea climate. Zonguldak's most important source of livelihood is hard coal quarries and natural products.
Zonguldak History It is also quite old. It is known that the first settlement dates back to Phrygians in 1200 BC. Later, the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans are the civilisations that left their mark in Zonguldak.  You can still see the traces left by these civilisations in Zonguldak.  Among these traces, Filyos Ancient City and Halil Pasha Mansion are places you should see.  Gökgöl Cave and Cehennemağzı Caves are just a few of the natural beauties you should see.
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