• Trabzon is located in a mountainous and green area. It receives abundant rainfall with the effect of the Black Sea. Places of natural and historical importance such as Uzungol, Sumela Monastery, Zigana Mountain and Çal Cave are among the tourist attractions of Trabzon.
    • Founded on the Black Sea coast, the city has been home to many maritime trade since ancient times. Ereğli and Çaycuma are among the important districts of the city, where both historical and natural beauties coexist.
    • After the 1071 Malazgirt Victory, it was captured by the Seljuks, but after the I. Crusade, it returned to the Eastern Roman Empire. After the III Crusade in 1204, it came under the rule of the Trabzon Greek Empire. During the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Ottoman sovereignty began in the city in 1461. Rize, which experienced Russian occupation on 9 March 1916 during World War I, was liberated on 2 March 1918. After this date, the city, which was a sanjak centre of Trabzon province, became a province in 1924 after the Republic.
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